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Don’t be fooled into thinking that being a cool, confident and charming guy is as simple as reading a “top 10” list from ANY website.Most women don’t like it when guys try to set up a first date with them via text.A recent study in America for example, discovered that 55% of couples had sex on their first date.Another study in Europe found that 70% of women admitted to having experience a one night stand.) or she is trying to see how much you like her (e.g.are you texting her like you text all other girls, or do you actually want to bang her soon?HOOKED allows readers to write their own chat stories, which can be shared with friends, or write a group story in what is called a “Fantasy Chat.” *The chat stories are free to an extent.

excited that your crush (or friend) clearly wants to hang.

Simply make her feel attracted to you and then get her on a phone call, meet up with her and start a sexual relationship with her.

Instead of giving you a massive list of bad text messages that guys send to women, I’m going to explain where guys go wrong when texting and why it turns women off.

But then they don't end up asking you to do anything, and you're just like, uh, what just happened?? #FLAKEYThe kind of text when you message your friend and they totally ignore you for hours on end—but then you log onto Insta and see that they've clearly checked their phone because they've uploaded three selfies in the meantime.

If you recently met a girl who was all over you initially, but isn’t replying to your texts anymore, the reason is simple. You’re constantly texting her and expecting that something will happen by itself (e.g.

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With the image above that shows the “right” and “wrong” text message example, it would only be “wrong” if it was sent from a guy who is normally nervous, shy or insecure around women.

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