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Her father, Lloyd Maines is a producer and country musician and her mother Tina May Maines. She had gained wide success as the chief vocalist for Dixie Chicks, a female alternative country band. During elementary school, she told her second grade teacher that she doesn’t need mathematics that she was going to be a star. After graduating from Lubbock High School, she went to West Texas A&M for an undeclared major. Then at South Plains College, she did a year and half.She think of herself as a rebel because she doesn’t think the way a vast number of people do. According to one of her instructors at South Plains College, she was typically into alternative rock, rhythm and blues and rock'n'roll.Maines also participated in various fund raising and awareness events like Legendary Bingo, St. Mother is the first solo studio album released by Natalie.The album Maine's interpretation of several cover songs including Pink Floyd's Mother, Eddie Veddar's ' Without You' and Jeff Buckley's ' Lover, you should have come over'.The family has homes in Los Angeles, California, Texas and New York.The Dixie girl Maines has a net worth of million dollars and in add to that she has accumulated millions of fans while remaining unafraid of speaking her minds on matters regarding politics and even in the oppressive world of country music.Maines became the lead singer when she replaced Laura Lynch the founding lead singer.She plays bass and guitar in concerts for the band.

Also, she has always been in the limelight with her weight loss topic in the media. Slaton Junior High School, she was a cheerleader here. At Lubbock High School, she was active in the school choir.She went for an auditioned in December 1994 and got a scholarship for a full vocal at the Berklee College of Music.Natalie Maines was born on the 14th of October, 1974 in Lubbock, Texas. According to her while growing up as a child in conservative Texas, she was a rebel against that.During her birth she was called Natalie Louise Maines, but also known as Natalie Pasdar. Education She went to the Williams Elementary School in Lubbock. As a teenager she thought differently by standing for those who are minors.

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