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However, speaking about Brazil specifically, Ángel Vilá told analysts after the company’s Q2 results that he did not see the need for non-organic moves against a background of healthy revenue and earnings growth.

He said Telefónica would “analyse in-market consolidation opportunities if they make sense and create value”.

Herman and Noam Chomsky have advanced a concept called the propaganda model explaining how propaganda and systemic biases function in mass media.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference earlier this month, said that the company would be “monetizing assets this year and next” to help pay down its debt.

In addition to owning 56% of the country’s broadcast tv stations, they own Cablevision which dominates Mexican cable companies and Sky, which has a majority of the country’s satellite business. From Forbes: Over the past few years, Televisa has been making inroads into telephone and internet services.

It also owns a 50% stake in Mexico’s third-largest mobile telephone company, Grupo Iusacell. Azcárraga became the CEO of Grupo Televisa after the death of his father in 1997.

The real work of broadcast news (and most other media) lies in promoting common assumptions (“everybody knows”). And assumptions about well known institutions–i.e., reporting on XYZ Company as benign entity, when in reality XYZ is not-so-nice– pervade the messages being delivered.

Beyond that the three main forms of bias–means by which media hope to influence opinions–are, as defined in Wikipedia: Edward S.

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